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Dah lame sgt rsenye xmenulis kat blog ni...
juz nk cakap yg arini (16/12/2010) adalah hari jadi cikgu noreen....
so, blh la kt rmai2 wish n doakan cikgu sbb rsenyer tuh jer yg blh kt sme2 wat tuk cikgu...
sperti yg korang taw cikgu mmg cikgu sorg guru yg sgt baek n penyabar..
hmm, mmg xyah ckp pn korg taw kn...
so, leh la kt sme wish ckgu smade kat fb or msg or call... (^_^)

adios ~

beloved bestiee birthday!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 7 comments


just nk bgtau kat sume org yg ari ni adlh birthday











Saturday, December 4, 2010 2 comments

"gOing to hibernate inside my shell again for another 5 mOnths from nOw. goodbye, freedOm! :D"

p/s : kamik mOk balit saghawak sudah. papai!

p/s : remember! study hard tO achieve yOur gOal but still enjOy life tO the max, my dearie friends.

they said : "byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

SEM Holiday!!

Friday, November 26, 2010 3 comments

how are you friends?
really hope you are always fine there..:))
hmm..i'm at home right now..i reached home around 9 a.m from alor star..
my sem holiday is about a month..but we have to do our research along this depends on the research too..hope we can finish it in two weeks only..
we will do our research at FRIM Kepong..
now i'm one of the fan of koreans drama!!!i can't believe it!!haha..because i always teasing my sis and friends who watching those drama and at last i'm teasing myself too..hoho..but i only watched the b.o.f..really3 sweet!!ji hoo sunbae and jun pyo..haha..last but not least the sweetie jan di and ga eul..and from this drama i realize that person who suffer autism has their own conclusion,
there's always a "hikmah" on all what we have go through in our life..:))
insyAllah i will move to melaka at the end of!!
i'm very excited to move there..the reasons is i enjoyed the Melaka Central..haha...because it's very a condusive bus station that i've went..
besides,i can visit our college..:)) really miss all of you and the teachers..:))
ha...and i can meet izaty also..:))(who else staying at melaka other than izaty?)
and i can "beraya" at your home..haha..
k,i should pen off now..if possible,i hope to hear current news from all of you..
may allah always protect and bless all of us..InsyAllah..syukran jazilan for reading this..:)) maah salamah wa ilalliqa'..

"Mereka hendak memadamkan cahaya (agama) Allah dengan mulut(ucapan-ucapan) mereka,
tetapi Allah menolaknya,malah berkehendak menyempurnakan cahaya-Nya,walaupun orang-
orang kafir itu tidak menyukai" (Surah At-Taubah Ayat 32)

p/s: lecturer2/mastermind english,help me by checking my grammar..tq!!

Roy's 2nd SEM (unusual topic to write)

hey guys, it's me again....

Various writers have failed to explain the term 'duty'. Some have defined it as the moral or legal obligation, while others say that it is the expression of respect for superior. It is something expected from all despite obstacles as Emerson puts
"so high is grandeur to our dust, so near is good to man, when duty whispers low, thou must, the youth replies, i can".

As a student, i have my own duties such as my duty to my parents, brothers, lecturers and friends. Duty to my parents is the most important.

Enough talking about parents, this time, i want to write about our duty as teenagers who tend to have the desire to be with someone else in our life besides our parents, in this case, our life-mate a.k.a our lover.

In early China, filial attachment was respected and cherished by the people. As a result, the younger generation seldom went againts their parents' wishes, not even in marriage. They had to marry the person of their womenfolk were even in worse plight. They were not allowed out on the street or country side but were all the time confined to their rooms sewing whether they liked it or not.

Even in the wild lands of early Mongolia, duty was prevalent. A love story ended in tragedy because of duty. Duty as heir and successor to the throne, duty to his country, people and aged father, deterred a woman from following her lover to his homeland to be married. On the onther hand, duty to his aged mother and younger brothers and sisters prevented the man from staying behind to marry the girl.

From all these, it can be seen that duty to be with someone we love is considered by most of us to play an important part in our lives nowadays. Being in a relationship is not about 'he' or 'she' but it's about 'us' that matters the most. Be in 'it' if you sure that you are strong enough, and yet leave 'it' if are not about who you are yet. We are still young and we do have a long journey ahead. Our life is very subjective, we will never have the most accurate answer for all the things that happened around us. Keep striving to be the best in order for you to have the best. And when you are lost, ask HIM, HE knows what's the best for us.

Dont stop believing, because Allah will grant your hope when you have it and when you always pray for it, unless you lose it, you will never own what you desire the most.

"If you really love someone, let her go, if she comes back, she will be yours forever."

Well, that's all for now, bye..



Friday, November 19, 2010 8 comments
Just a reminder : korg igt tak patung2 yang masing2 dapat time party class malam tuh yang
sampai 'lewat malam' (sampai kene hambat ngan ustaz azizul) haha.... aku just harap masing2 simpan leklok coz nnt bile ader reunion those dolls will be like the 'tickets' for us to meet each
other, kalo HILANG tak tau r nak cakap apa kan...k that's all =)

may all of us will always be connected and keep striving for infinite excellence =)


Saturday, November 6, 2010 8 comments
haiyOO. bosan tahap melampau memaksa aku menambah lg satu entri baru dalam blOg

mmg tidak dpt disangkal lg, disebabkan aku suka mengambil dan diambil gmbr, hasilnya aku ad banyak koleksi gmbr. jd, hasilnya aku jmpa larhh koleksi gmbr2 klasmet 506. haha. muka sumer baik2. (mcm nk mnta penampOr pon ad jugak) haha. malas nk cerita panjang berjela, usha je larhh. (jgn lupa bg komen. haha. klik pada gmbr utk kesan yang lebih jelas.)

p/s : aku buat secara randOm je okayhh. :D sekadar mengisi masa lapang.

p/s : doakan aku ad kerajinan lg nk edit gmbr.(sesungguhnya, mmg berlambak gmbr dlm folder) nnt leyh kita tatap gmbr2 lama sesama kt blog neyhh. yihaaaa!!

p/s : cpt undi, korg plg rndu dkt sapa once u see all of this pic. :D start voting peeps!

it's good to be HOME :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 4 comments

haii, my beloved friends :D

ape khabar? lama x dgr cerita. blog neyh pon, jarang2 aku buka. al-maklumlah, bz jer keje. (haha. bohong ar asyk bz smpai x smpat nk online enn. aku just mls nk buka blog. fb mmg 24/7 aku on.)

x da bnda nk story sbnrnya. cuma nk bgtau,

"i'm in peninsular for 1 month!"

:D hoyeahhh! harap, dlm masa sebulan neyhh, leyh r lepak2 dgn korg yg kt smnnjung neyh. hehe. x silap aku, korg sume mmg kebanyakan ad kt kl n area2 selatan enn. so, it's my turn to 'meronggeng' melawat korg. p/s : well, sape2 yg free, jom larh teman beta jln2 g melawat member2 yg busy. :D sy dh lupa jln kt kl larhh. haha )

anyway, All da best in everything u dO. my pray always be with yOu to success in any path u decided to live with. :D

jom blaja bhs saghawak:

kamik dh madah kamik syg kitak org. mun kitak org syg kamik jugak, klaka r sama kamik. boh malu-malu dgn kamik. hahaha:D

20 times watched-video

Thursday, October 28, 2010 1 comments
this song reminds me of all of you..i dont why but it is =)
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 5 comments

salam!! hye guys!!
very3333 miss all of you..:)
Alhamdulillah,the exam is over..haha..but not for today..
because here will be the next STD 3 at the early of november and
the final exam at the end of the november..
but i feel sad because i can't answer the questions nicely..:'(
why krebs cycle?i can't recall the details of the process..i only can recall about the product and the process..
that's show i can't go back home during this coming holiday..
anyone who can give tips how to remember the structure of the krebs,glycolisis, and structure of proteins,lipids n etc..
here,3 days per week is english day..
this program is suggested by our class pres,Larry..we have to talk in english for the whole class along the day..and every words that we said in malay,we have to pay 10 cent as the penalty..
at first it is difficult to me to follow..but now i still learn step by step how to speak in english without feel shame and with confidency..i hope you guys can help me either in writing or speaking..rojak sket2 hehe..blh ya..and one ques, how to say, " saya tersilap meletakkan sesuatau perkara/sy tertinggal sesuatu " yang ada perkataan "mis__________"...anyway,thanks for reading this..hope to hear from you guys soon..
take care..remember Allah!!happy study!!salam..
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For the powerless
who made up the majority of this world,

the inconvenient "facts" they affirmed through themselves
is entirely

the truth


p/s: well that sucks, such a beautiful lie the human have made
Friday, October 8, 2010 0 comments

Life is about being filled with sorrow, sadness and pain,

happiness is just the fantasy

that makes us to forget the pain.

Happiness is nothing

but just like drugs,

it's addictive

Saturday, October 2, 2010 4 comments
" Whatever you do in your life will be insignificant,
but it is very important that you do it because nobody else will...

Like when someone comes into your life,

& half of you says,

you are nowhere near ready...

but another half says,

make her yours forever..."

Monday, September 27, 2010 3 comments
hapy bufdae ketua toyol aka zaty..hak2

new number, new number :)

Friday, September 24, 2010 2 comments
korang, bila2 korang baca post ni, please send me ur numbers ok,

017 3144372 :)
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 4 comments

11th July, 2010, Outstanding Weekend

When I was still in secondary school the most important thing for me seemed to be going out with my friends. Now, it seems I have other commitments to do on every weekends since I am a university student right now. During weekdays, I would spend most of my time attending classes. As early as 6.30, I will wake up as my alarm knocked the door of my sleeping time loudly with the alarm tone that I set. After putting up my attire and books, I will straight away go to the faculty either on a bus or a motorcycle and go back to college at 6.00 p.m. As I had classes all the week, the only time I could spend to clean up my room was during the weekends. On Saturday afternoon I would bundle up all my dirty clothes and washed them all with my bare hands instead of using washing machine or sending them to laundry which is very costly. I can save up my money as I do not have sufficient budget to be spend on my laundry. I prefer to spend my money on foods, assignments and transportation rather than ‘wasting’ my money on washing clothes. This is a challenge for me as now I am depending on government allowance which is only RM 1250 per semester since I do not rely on my parents’ financial support anymore. Apart from that, I would mop the floor in my room to clean up dirt and dust. Life was one big around of playing and enjoying. Growing up has changed things a bit the schedule of my life. However, I am enjoying my present life as a student and a growing teenager.

23rd, July, 2010 The Final Agenda

College Study Skill Final Project was definitely a mission that my friends and I were working on for our CSS course under TESL syllabus. The project carries 50% for CSS grade. So, evacuating it is a vital matter as it produces half mark for CSS final grade. We did a lot of discussions and meetings in order to make the project as perfect as we could and yes indeed we managed to conduct the project correctly according to plan. Praised to God we did our part well as students on planning and withdraw the output of our discussions on the project. For our task, we chose to go to spend a day on teaching English in a kindergarten. As I was one of the group members, I felt proud when Miss Azzy told us that we were the first group to execute our CSS project. All of our hardships and efforts were sensible when we reached the satisfaction of doing the task. We arrived at the kindergarten at the crack of the dawn as the project was started at 8 a.m. We had some activities with 5 year-old children such as origami, musical balloo and word-bee. Personally, I enjoyed myself there and I saw my teammates were happy in doing it too. The challenge on teaching the children was to make them follow our instructions to participate with our activities because as kids they were full of energy and active. Overall, it gave us such a great memory together on doing the project.

6th, August, 2010 AUDI-Vorsprung durch Technik
The Audi Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of premium cars. The Audi brand aims to satisfy customers' demands for pioneering innovations as promised by the "Vorsprung durch Technik" claim, which means “Advancement Through Technology” and to demonstrate the brand values of sportiveness, sophistication and progressiveness. Honestly, I a big a fan of AUDI. It must be confusing why suddenly I write about AUDI right? The truth is AUDI is my favorite brand of car, and yes indeed I went to AUDI headquarters in Gleanmarie on this date. I went there for the ICT Survey project of Computer Literacy (CL) course. It was a big challenge for me as at the first time I did not know which place I would like to go for my ICT survey project. After all ideas and discussions with my group members, we decided to go to AUDI’s Centre. It was a golden opportunity for me as an AUDI’s fan. I took a picture with the latest AUDI R8 which cost about RM 1.4 million! Wow, the body kit and V10 as its engine is definitely prove the arts of AUDI engineering. I was so happy to go there after all hardships on making my way to that place. A proposal was sent and it approved by the dean, after gone that process only then I managed to go there for the ICT Survey under CL project.

har har har........

Saturday, August 7, 2010 2 comments

waah..kakom di kmj sudah sumpah besh giler r..pg2 bangun g cheer 4 team kmj..mlm2 lak bergosip psl atlit2 matrik laen yg hot2 belake..haha..syok abes r..mood kakom da berakhir skrng nga risau psl result ups lak..cuak shiot...harap2 ok..weh mgu depan pose..pastu raye lak yahuu!!!x sabar tym pose mintak2la aku x syahid r dlm dewan kuliah..haha..kepade korg2 lak aku arap dpt la cntrol ckit napsu makan uw..selamat menjalani diet selame sebulan..haha...


Thursday, July 29, 2010 2 comments
Hai semua..KAKOM dah abes tapi aku balik tangan kosong..xder rezeki,nak wat cmne..buat pengetahuan korg,aku jumpe Nik kat sane..makin comey dye..dye kate klau bley peluk,dah lame dye peluk aku..haha..seronok dok kat sane seminggu..enjoy giler dgn member2 KAKOM aku n member2 lame..rase mcm xnak balik n xnak KAKOM tu abes je..haha..ramai lg la budak2 exTGBians yang aku jumpe kat sane..kalau korg jadi aku,mesti korang rase best..kalah menang x penting..yang penting korang sanggup berjuang..macam lirik lagu KAKOM la pulak..haha..kalau korang2 yang masuk matrik tu join kan best..bley jumpe..huhu..kalau korang nak tau camne suasana kat sane,belek la facebook aku..ramai giler atlet..1974 org atlet,500 pegawai n 300 sukarelawan termasuk Nik..huhu.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3 comments
Salam sayang dari aku untuk korg semua..aku skg kat matrik pahang..rami kot yg dah tau..bdk2 matrik baru je lepas ujian pertengahan semester..harap korg dapat la doakan kejayaan kitorg dlm exam tu..doa sikit pun jadi la..hehe..roommate aku smua dah balik..aku je yg terkontang-kanting kat sini sorg2..xpe,untuk mengharumkan nama KMPh jugak..jumaat ni aku n da gang akan bertolak ke matrik johor(KMJ) gak bley jalan2 ni..dah lame x dapat jalan2 free..dah la dapat elaun 200 lak tu gi sane(sape nak aku blanje angkat tangan!)..hehe..mintak2 la menang..dah puas aku kalah kat final setiap kali aku join tournament..3 kali lak tu..korang tau2 la aku masuk ape..haha..sape2 yg tgh prepare nak gi oversea tu,best of luck untuk korang n jangan lupa diri,dunia,akhirat dan agama k..nanti bile dah gi oversea nanti,upload la pics korang kat sane(supaya kami rase jeles sket)..chow dulu..nak gi dewan,ade program Jejak Emas KAKOM(Kejohanan Kokurikulum Matrikulasi)..semangat nak menang ni!


Monday, July 19, 2010 2 comments
Salam semua.....smoga sihat2 belaka lah hndaknye...btw, again, happy bday nik....beriya die cite kt ak psl kwn2 die kt kmj...hhahahaha...biasalah nik yg byk ckpnya....nak cite...mnggu ni ada mid sem test a.k.a u.p.s.....sakitla otak aku blaja kimia...seb bek dh lpas tdi....hilang beban ad dua lg beban ...math n bio yg biol....pray for my success n klasmet kite yg ad kt matrik len...tu je nk btau....n korg rajen2 la update blog ni...kalo nak kahwen jgn luoe jmput....gne je blog ni...snang...hehehhehe..k r bye...salam sayang......

selamat hari tue..haha!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 3 comments

Pada suatu hari khamis yang indah..aku pun bangun la dri tido dengan rase gumbira dalam ar speacial dae la katekan..siap2 nak g kuliah..da pakai cantik-cantik neh.Macam hari-hari laen aku pun pegi la mengetuk pintu bilik basirah (budak kelas 15 uw)..dalam hati da bedebar-debar..mesti die nak wish kat aku ne..sekali aku ketuk punyer ketuk punyer ketuk..dalame aku ketuk barula nak die bukak pintu..masuklah!..uishh..tekejot aku..punyerla leba aku senyum,die x pandang pon..xpe2..saba..Pas die dengan rumet die,haziemah,geng aku jugak tu dah siap BERSIAP..kitorng pn gerak r pegi assembly(mcm kt tgb jerkk)..dorang sembang2 mcm biase je..gelak2 lg..aik??! xnak wish pape ke korg?..pas abes assembly yg x sampai 10 mnt uw aku pn berjalanlah ke kelas dengan hati yang luke duke..sob2..sampai ati korang.masuk kelas aku pn buat la muke slumber..cover2..lepas kelas tutor bio..aku ngan klasmet aku rushing2 la ke kelas sedeh gak neh..klasmet aku x wish pon..huhu..kat kelas bi blajala cam bese tp tym da nak abes kelas uw TIBA2 teacher aku panggel gi depan..nuraini come infront!!..cuak aku..da la panggil cam tu..mcm nak marah je..aku da la tengah sedih neh..aku pun dengan muke slumber katak g r depan..aku pandang teacher..teacher pandang aku..tiba2 dari muka serius..teacher senyum2..arr dorang nak nyanyi sumting untuk kamu..HAPY BUFDAE 2 U(3x)..aduh malunyer..dala ramai giler budak2 lalu..aku kt depan uw da x tau nak bwat cane..senyum jelah..thanx korang..huhu.Pas abes kelas dalam kol 4 pm..aku pn balek la blok.. jumpe plak ngan natrah,geng aku gak..dye jumpe aku bkn nak wish ke aper..dyer g citer psl masalah dyer..masalah dalaman jpp (ala2 bwp)..aku dengar jela..kawan baik haha..aku nak g mandi da tym tu..tibe2 natrah ajak g mamam..aku memang pantang org ajak aku g ah..sampai2 kat bilik basirah..aku bukak pintu..nampak kek..weh korang!! nak nangis da ne.. kawan2 aku kt luar uw nyanyi la bufdae song untuk aku..sedih n terharu giler ah..egt dorang da lupe bufdae aku 1 JULY 2010..sob2..shayang korang..



hai semua!!
kabare?alhamdulillah,gue waras..
kangan bangat mau dgr kalian buat lawak..dan gue pasti menjadi penonton setia..:)))
skrg semua tgh sibuk menelaah..gue pula ada masa dlm 3-4 hari lg utk join kalian menelaah..
firstly,terima kasih ya kerna kamu semua sudi membaca entri sy..:D
mau cerita apa ya dong..haa...mau kongsi pengalaman sama kalian..pengalaman mengajar sekolah rendah..hoho..gue juga enggak nyangka deh,dpt peluang syukur,salah satu cita2 gue udah tercapai..kerna masa gue cilik dulu,bila org tanya,"mau jd apa bila gede nanti?"
tiga jawapan dlm kepala gue,
1. doktor
2. guru
3. pilot
tp cita2 yg ketiga itu enggak bisa tercapai dong..huhu..awal2 udah direject..kui3..
tu la..slalu nonton tv dekat2 lg..haha..
hmm..selama dua bulan tu,gue ajar drjah 1 dan 2..
1 arif,1 bestari,2 arif dan 2 bestari..dan 6 bestari cuma extra class.. sempat juga gue rasain sambutan hari bangat deh..:))
bru gue rasa sendiri apa yg ckgu gue selalu bilang sama gue dulu..hoho..
hari pertama,gue "dibuli" sama pelajar gue sendiri..kuang3..
tp gue excited juga mau ngajar mereka..especially,drjh 1..
biasa la..mesti layan kerenah si cilik itu..:))
bila difikir kembali,apa yang dialami itu sama seperti zaman gue bersekolah dulu..
overall mmg best la sampai gue kangan juga mau ketemu sama mereka lagi..enjoy the pics ya..daa..

p/s:sorry la ye..ada slank indon sket..tgh tgk cite indon..hehe..
btw all the best dlm apa jua yang diceburi!!doakan kejayaan bersama..salam..:)

~salam sayang buat all 506 members..:))

acms gempak beb!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010 7 comments
assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Just nk share what happened during our orientation days about 3 days ago....mse hari pendftran,tqah n syura dtng lmbat,,Dayah tnggu lama sangat2,dye skit perut tp xnk pi toilet sbb nk tnggu kami..cian2....n lastly,we got to stay together in the same HOUSE n same room...our HOUSEMATES are very nice,cutie2,mutie2,naungty2 a bit..hahaa..kami jgak dh discuss nk share duit beli dapur msk,peti ais,stove...besa ar,nk dekat Ramadhan dh kn....We are so grateful 4 having them in this beauty,fantastic n ellegant house..

SoB,sob..Kisahnya bermula apabila km di BULI oleh senior2 mse orentasi..yng pling teruk DAYAH n SYURA..Dorang satu group,...atas kesalahan orng lain(bdk mrsm tepeng)sbb dtng lmbt + SARIP n HAFIZUDDIN CLASS 18 X DTNG!!!First,Diorang kena rendam dlm kolam renang depan sume orng!!cian gler ar...dh le x reti berenang,..ish3,malu gler ae...second,petng tu plak,diorng kalah lg,n kena denda jgak..mse tu bru lps hujan rumput basah n lumpur,diorang kena golek2 atas tanah....kotor abis,mlm tue plak,dsebabkan salah SESEORANG tue,diorang kena LOMPAT POCONG depan sume orng n kena celek muka dngn TEPUNG CUCUR UDANG!!!!MALUUU..+ KOTOR.....Itulah citernye yng mnjadi pengalamn TERPAHIT setakat 3 hari kat cni di acms...

After orientation days,kitorang x disediakn mknn lngsung!!!so,lps ni ktorang nk kluar jalan2 cari makan..(arinie)bas acms bwk students pi QUEENS BAY, ktorang x pi.....
Yng best Dayah dh start belajar ckp orng utara,,,huhuww,Atiqah Bangga gler...Penang Mari!!tp yng sedeynye dayah merosakkan loghat penang...sob,sob,,dye tmbh Q sume kat blkng prktaaan tue..ex:lenguh=lengaq,tido=tidoq,mndi=mandiq,lapar=lapaq....ish3..teruk tul>>but sometimes,we also practise to speak in english here!!!enjoy la....but our mission here,is to achieve all the requirements to fly next year (ireland),insya Allah....please pray 4 us here!!!

As MARA student

Sunday, June 27, 2010 6 comments

May 6th , 2010, A New Life

KRRIING! I still remember the last alarm I had at home before I went to university as a new student in a pre-degree programme. I praised to Allah as He gave me a gift to further my study in a local university at Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM). My university is located at Shah Alam, Selangor. Although I did not managed to get a qualified SPM result to study abroad, this opportunity is a golden ticket for me in order to pursue a good career in the future. I sat up packing my bits and pieces late that night. Well I was too excited!

I arrived at 8 a.m. as I was way too early. I was the first TESL foundation male student who reached the Sultan Salahuddin Mosque! Yes, the mosque was the meeting point for new students to get on buses to go to respective colleges. Mine is Meranti College in section 2 Shah Alam. I was in formal attire and the sun was shinning brightly, phew, such a hot morning it was. I filled up forms as soon as I rolled in Meranti. My room was fantastic! It was equipped with all odds and ends. I shared the room with other five TESL students. What an eventful day it was.

June 11th, 2010, As a TESL Tyro

As I walked in the faculty in section 17, I felt naturally excited and apprehensive. I started my classes on Monday, 31st June. I woke up on 6.30 a.m. in the morning to attend classes and go to faculty by INTEC bus. I have no problem to wake up early since I was in boarding school before. Sometimes I will hop on RapidKL bus as an alternative way to get to the faculty on time. There are eight courses in TESL foundation programme. Among all eight courses, I found out TSL51(college study skills) and TSL031(listening and speaking) are the two most interesting courses that catch my eye as I have a preference on hand-on subjects. This state of working could educate me to gain proficiency of managing myself and people around me as well as to improve my intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences, which I learned in Miss Azyyati’s class. At this stage, my mind dug further in this matter, and tried to find out what is my strength and capability of thinking based on my dominance intelligences. Brain resembles as a generator to produce output. So I really think that I must identify my own my brain first in turn to create the best product for output. I hope so.

17th June, 2010, Money VS Food

Older people like my parents were always complaining about the rising cost of living. At first I did not understand what they were talking until I experienced my life in college. My father said that he used to be able to get a plate of rice for 20 cent. That was hardly unbelievable considering that a plate today costs more than a ringgit. Now I understood what cost of living means. On the first day, with a couple of friends, I reached the section 2 food court at about 7.30 p.m. in the evening. The sky was already darkening and the owners of restaurants have their portable lights switched on. I walked between two rows of food stalls. The very first thing that fascinated me was the mouth-watering smell came from a tomyam stall. There were many people seated at that stall. Since that day, I came to that stall everyday because the price is reasonable. I ate there everyday in order for me to save my cost of living in college as the owner offered lower price for university student like me. The stall’s label was Alhamdulillah

Well, these were all the matter that happened during my first month’s ride of being a pre-degree student in UiTM. As a new student, I hope I will learn more from the seniors and especially the lecturers. Thank you for reading.

at the new place

salam semua...
harap korg sihat2 walau dmane korg berada...

kt nk cter cikit psl xleh tulis byk sbb ade lbh kurg 10 min jer nih..huhu

selasa(22/6)- 1st berada d kmb...pg2 tuh ade registration..pastu check in hostel..
kt dpt blok f...blok plg jauh n plg belakang...huhu...kecian kn...mmg blh slim r kat sini...
act, spe yg register awal dye masukkn kat blok f..igtkn regster awal leh dpt blok dpn(blok e)..
kt dpt rumate ex-mrsm pc..sakinah...nice girl..
blok f- kt, fadnor, ayush, farah syazwani, jebah...erm, ade otak xleh nk fkr skrg nih..
blok d-dian
blok e- atikah fatholrzk, temah 509

wat mse nih, smua ok lg...xtension2 coz xstart study klau dh start study nnt, botak r kepala..

tp 1 masalah kt...kt kuat tdo...kat dlm dewan, org br je start speech dh tdo...dlm bilik, masuk jer bilik tdo....

spe2 yg ade cdgn cmne kt nk atasi prob kt nih dialu2kn tuk bg cdgn..
hpefully, ble dh start study , kt xkuat tdo..

hurm, psl arep...kt pn jrg terserempak ngan arep..arep blok a n dye amik bisnes...kt amik ekonomi as subjek elektif kt...

esok(28/6)- ade class hrp2 r dpt calzmet yg bez mcm korg... miss u guys so much..
k la, stakat nih jer yg kt leh tulis wat mse nih...lenkali klau ade ksempatan , kt tulis lg...

~salam rindu dr ur clazmet, eleeza~

pheewittt :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010 10 comments
warggghh. bgOs nye blog neyh. dh semakin hidOp ennnn. aku suka gilerrr dOe. klu x, suram smcm jer blog 506. tahniah r kpd haziq. (usaha ngkO agak berbalOi enn. good jOb brO!)

well, aku pon x tau nk stori apa kt sini. aku kt UNIMAS amik foudatiOn of life science. aku pon x cye, btOl ke aku nk further study aku hal2 berkaitan biOlogy and sO on. perghhh. mmg x yakin giler r. tp, ble dh stat blaja kt unimas nehh, aku rasa serOnok lak blaja biOlogy. buku2 biO mmg menarik dan best kt cais ( library r.. ) subject2 len pon best gakkk. :)

budak2 kt sini mmg sempOi r. org kuching pon baik2. (tetiba rasa x mO balik semenanjung dahhh. haha. mamat2 kt sini(bdk2 kuching not bdk unimas), boleyhhh tahan dOE. lg r aku suka dOk kuching. hahaha)merapu lak aku neyhhh.

tp, blaja kt sini mmg speed gler r. lecture mmg jnis bertoleransi nk slow dOwn klu x fhm. tp, bdk2 batch aku, mmg expert abess r. rasa kerdil gler kt sini. dOrg mmg fast learner. aku neyhh dh r speed tahap kura2. mmg sedihhhh. hoho

kt sini, plg best ari minggu r. leyh merayau mcm2. kt kl mmg r leyh merayau gakk. tp, ulang2 asyik wat bnda sama je enn. kt sini, ari mingu, senior selalu ajak masuk hutan, mnd air terjun, daki gunung,g kg budaya dan sewaktu dgn nye. kt kl, klu stakat hutan bkt nanas, aku pakai selipar jamban pon leyhhh lps lg. hahahaha.

tp, mall2 kt kuching mg x leyhh lwn kl r. mall dye kecik nak mapouihh. nk lepak2 mmg bosan. klu g mall, stkt bli brg boleyhhh r. tp, x byk pilihan mcm kedai2 kt kl. ='(
hoho. ape pon, klu korg mai kuching, roger2 ar aku. aku leyhh kasi tour guide free juz round2 kuching je r.. hoho.klu nk smpai, gunung santubOng, miri, brunei, mmg eden x dpt nk tlg. hahaha.

bhs srwk pon aku x lps lg. budak asasi unimas neyhh, byk bdk smnnjung.(sbb tu x ramai g ensem. x byk pilihan doe. hoho) mmg payah r nk dgr n blaja bhs srwk. bdk2 srwk x ramai pon. sabah-an pon x ramai sgt. so, mmg agak lambat r klu nk blaja bhs srwk.

anyway, kamik ad keja. kamik sik lupa sama kitak. kamik stop dlu. :) ( haha. tu je r yg aku bru tauu. cbe teka aku ckp ape. haha )

nnt aku stori lg :)

salam sayang dari kuching, sarawak. (ceyhh. bjet dudOk oversea lak. haha. xpe r. at least aku dOk over the sea. okayh larhh tuhh )

rndu kt bdk 506!!1

Saturday, June 19, 2010 8 comments
salam sume!!!hrp2 sume shat..sbnrnya beta menaip disini utk brhubung dgn tuan hamba sume..lame x dgr khabar brite...sudah ke sluruh pelusuk nusantara beta mncari ttp x ak mrepek ni...:-)..sbnrnya nk story psl dri ak skarg..ak skang kt kmns which stand for kolej matrikulasi nOgOri sOmbilan...trcampak den kt tmpt jin btendang lg..yg pling hbt kt sini po ECONSAVE..huhuhuh..sdey tol...

Tapi Alhamdulillah...kt sini sume bjln agak lncr...4 ur info,ak blaja math dgn riang skali kt sini..mrkh kuiz ak 10/10...(akhirnya ak bley blagak sket ngan mr. alubah)...sgt gmbira...kwn2 pon klasmet x se BEST korng 506..ak rndu n kangen sgt ngan korg..n lg satu ak mmg bley krus kt sini(sgt2 yakin)...sbb......nk g kuliah dkt 1 KILOMETER............mmg bley krus kan...agak2 bley trun 40 kg(so brt ak jd -6 kg)hahaha...

memula ak sgt sdey ngan result spm...pastu ngan upu lak...bagai jatuh ditimpa tangga(adoi!!! sakit!)tp ada hikmahnya kot...kt sni ak ley adapt ngn situasi die...klasmet ak ad 16 pompuan, 6 lelaki ...hampir pupus kaum adam............x mcm klas 506 yg dbanjiri lelaki ...hmmm..tu jela ak nk baru ...hehehe..kalo slah xyah pandai2 nk btolkan..heheh..gurau jerk...syg sgt kt bdk 506..u guys r so special in my life!!!!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010 12 comments

dear my comrades,

dah lame aku nak ckp bende nih.. AKU SAYANG KORUNK... yes i admit it my ego was too high to say this sebenarnye.. oh sahabat....

aku rase aku dah gagal as an mrsm student. Impian aku sejak kecik utk gi ovrc pas spm dah hancur. 5 thn aku kat mrsm, 5 thn! in the end sume jadi debu. aku xpenah menangis even ble aku sedih teramat, dah 4 thn aku xnangis, bkn aku gle or xnak juz aku mmg xley nangis..(seriously)

bagi aku klas 406/506 byk bagi memori kat aku.. aku igt lagi first day.. "hye aku sarip, ko?" mase tuh aku stat knal sarip, kenal haziq plak mase first perjumpaan homeroom. cikgu suriana plak mmg baek, aku syg die.. igt lagi saat aku gelak, marah, prep ngan korunk.. gi surau same2, mkn same2, gi ds same2.. aku mmg xpnah lpe sume bende tuh.. AKU INGAT! paling aku igt korunk lantik aku jadi the original pres of klas 6.. mase first meeting klas tuh aku tdo kat blok, aku sorg je yg xgi..

THEN alubah datang, "nabil, bangun, ko jadi pres klas 6"

bkn aku xnak mase tuh, juz aku rase malas nak pegang jawatan, sbb ble aku pegang sumthin, i'l b addicted to it. IT IS LIKE DRUGS TO ME... I TRIED TO AVOID IT..

SEKARANG, aku dah jadi seorang warga uitm, maybe aku xdpt gi ovrc cam korunk and study kat malaysia je. masuk thn ni, dah 6thn MARA taja aku.. aku tgh amek asasi TESL.. aku rase seruan dah memanggil aku. TESL mmg ape yg aku tunggu selama ini. Bukan kerana aku malas, tapi aku mmg tak meminati sains. Bagi aku, pe yg aku pelajari dalam TESL ni akan ku guna di hari kelak, setiap hari aku boleh menggunakannye. Aku sememangnye memang minat english sejak kecil, aku berhasrat sangat sangat ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ku di oxford semenjak aku kecil. Tapi.. semua hanya tinggal habuk memori yang tertinggal di benak hati. Aku dah gagal... jadi aku harap bagi sahabat aku yang dapat pergi ke negara orang lain aku harap kalian jangan bazirkan peluang tu. aku tak kesah sarip kata aku emo or bajet emo, yg penting ini aku yang sebenarnye, NABIL yang tidak sempat kalian kenali semase kita di alam persekolahan..

Akhir kata, aku nak mintak tolong kalian sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada arwah datuk aku yang sangat rapat dengan aku yang meninggal sehari selepas keputusan SPM dikeluarkan. Beliau arwah Haji Yaacob Bin Ayub yang sangat mengharapkan aku pergi overc telah meninggalkan aku dan dunia ni sehari selepas arwah menelefon aku untuk bertanyakan keputusan SPM.. Di mana, tatkala aku ingin menelefon arwah, pada masa itu aku dapat berita dia telah tiada... Disebabkan arwah, semangat aku untuk terus belajar masih kuat.. al-fatihah....

p/s : sekarang, tiada lagi roy yang ego yang kalian kenal, hanya aku yang sebenarnya....



506 FOREVER..........................

aku nak cita gak la, haha

hye, salam, ni baaqiy la,

ok since haziq update pasal scholarship die, aku pon nak detailkan ape yg korang dah tau n ape yang korang x tahu, cth raidah, haha.

ok, aku dapat jpa, utk buat ausmat (australian matriculation) utk architecture kat kbu ( kolej bandar utama) international college, aku detailkan semua bnde sbb ramai tnye aku ausmat tu ape, kbu tu ape, haha.
then, jpa x bagitau u ape aku akan masuk, so, aku x tau ape haluan aku lps ausmat, yg aku tau, aku insya allah akan pg aussie (australia).. ausmat ni 18 bulan, dekat aussie pulak 36 bulan, harap2 dapat bahagian yg ber-snow, haha

ok, ape lagi??

and, aku sorang je ex-tgb yang akan blaja kat kbu, haha, rase mcm form 1 balik, kene start over balik, tp, nasib baik dah berkenal-kenalan ngan budak jpa yg akan blaja kat kbu. tu je kot aku nak cite, skrng sibuk nak prepare semua bnde, masuk kbu 1 julai nti, kalau semua blaja dekat2, boleh la jumpe kan3???

lame dh tak update

hey guys, erm, aku cite cket. alhamdulillah, aku dapat scholarship bank negara. aku akan sambung study kat kolej tuanku jaafar and amek A-Level kat sane for two years. aku dftr on 15 august. lame lagi kan? aku mmg menternak lemak kat umah ni. dah naik 5kg dah sejak abes spm. gila kan? haha. After A-Level nanti, aku sambung Finance degree kat UK, insyaAllah. korang doakan aku buat yang terbaik ar utk program ni. 

hurm, aku dapat gak JPA yang rayuan punya. tapi aku tolak. aku dapat PIDN je, eventhough aku mintak PILN. so, aku decide utk tolak. so, ape cite korang?

5 hari di kelantan....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 5 comments
7/6/2010:Eleeza sekeluarga datang ke rumah,menikmati juadah pagi di Kedah..
Bertolak dari Kedah ke Pasir Mas,Kelantan..
Ummi Aena n Fafa jemput d Stesen Bas P.Mas
Malamnya,kami berusaha menyiapkan bunga telur (saya,elly n Nadia junior),sementara Fafa giat meng'iron' baju2 ummi..(gelaran baru buat ckgu)
Lebih kurang pukul 2 pg,km semua baru pulang untuk tido..
Malam yng mengasyikkan buat Fafa n Elly..

8/6/2010:Kenduri bermula...(sibuk)
kami menghantar ummi ke masjid untuk upacara akad nikah..Wow,pertama kali melihat bakal abi kami..
Saya bantu menyiapkan inai di jari kaki n tangan ummi (xsangka sangat cantik)...huhuw..
kami bertiga juga menggubah hantaran ummi..(fafa,elly n me)klu nk usha lebih cket,cuba anda lihat di fb saya @elly...
Pada petangnya,keluarga Fafa dtng menjemput...Akhirnya,tinggallah saya n Elly berdua...
Malamnya,kami berbual n berkenalan dengan tuan rumah (mak saudara ummi)..Segan apabila dpt tahu anak mak cik tue sama umo ngan kitorang (kembar lelaki)..huuu...

9/6/2010:Pada pukul 2 petang,kami menghantar ummi ke rumah pengantin lelaki di Rantau Panjang..
Saya tolong ummi make-up (ntah le cntik ke x)...
Makan sedap sangat (nasi arab,nasi kerabu..............)
Malamnya,upacara membuka hadiah....banyak gilerr...
Saya n Elly tdo bersama ummi tersayang buat kali terakhir..

10/6/2010:Hari perpisahan...
Semua menunggu di luar untuk melihat saya n Elly pergi...............(termasuk baju merah)
Selepas itu,kami meninggalkan P.mas n bertolak ke Kota Bharu dengan Kak Sulha(kwn baik UMmi)..
Selepas ambil kunci rumah,kami ke rumah kawan saya,Ismat Mustaqim(xPres BWP MRSM Beseri),kami makan2 n kemudian Ismat tumpang kami pegi KB Mall..Saya berjumpa dngn Syahiedzat(xPres BWP MRSM K.T'ganu)..kami bertiga smbng2 n Ismat belanja minum.Elly n K.Sulha pn ada..
Tiba di SRK Islam Kiblah..kami rehat2 n menonton cter korea(Little Bride)...

11/6/2010:Sambung menonton Little Bride..
Saya n Elly basuh baju, n masak bersama...
pada malamnya,kami keluar ke Billion,(mencari keropok Kelantan tp tudung x bnyk)
So,kami ke Wakaf Che Yeh (beli keropok,tudung bawal,bju..)
Thanx K.Sulha sbb walaupun kak kurang sihat tp still sanggup bwk kami jalan2...

12/6/2010:Paginya,saya bersiap2...saya rushing ke stesen bus Kb...saya hampir terlepas bas...hehe...Sedihnya saat itu terpaksa berpisah dngn Elly n tinggalkn Kelantan...
Saya tiba di Kedah pd wktu petang sementara Elly,bas pkul 7mlm ke Kluang..
Elly n K.Sulha hadir ke majlis aqiqah,anak kwn k.Sulha di P.Mas pd petangnya....
this is the first time Elly naik bus ALONE n alhamdulillah,lebih kurang pukul 7 pagi lebih,Elly sampai di Kluang..

p/s:Diharapkan Eleeeza,Fafa sentiasa ingat saya n saya mendoakan anda semua berjaya di luar sana...Kenangan indah kita bersama xkn kulupakan... Selamat Pengantin Baru,Ummi!!

Salam Ukhwah semua........


Kenangan indah semasa majlis pekahwinan ckgu Suriana xkn dilupakan....
Semoga ikatan yng terjalin antara Puan Suriana & En. Zuhar b'kekalan hingga akhir hayat n dimurahkan rezeki dngn anak yg ramai...
Semoga kita dapat bertemu lagi....


Monday, May 17, 2010 7 comments
Assalamualaikum (khas utk haziq),

Ni alubah..pertama sekali aku nk btaw kpade mreke2 yg sentiase suh ak join blog ni bhwe ak mmg dh lme ade...ak gune name press 506... saje sbg nostalgia..terkenang kembali swaktu zmn kegemilangan ak dlu2...hehe..

Sbnrnye ak x de bende nk ckp pun..cme sbb ad org suh ak...ak pun buat le...anyway, gud luck kpd mereke2 yg tga blaja...blaja ler leklok...kpd yg msh menanti tue doa le bebanyak yek..kpd yg fly terbang lah sebaik mngkin...kpd yg stdy local ok la tue..yg pnting rslt...sat gi terbang la tue...

GUD LUCK to all of my ex-klasmate!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: kpd Berlian D, ak g mjlis kawin ckg suriana so jmpe le kt sne ek..weh eleez, rajin ko update blog....

Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang(KMPh)

Saturday, May 15, 2010 4 comments
Assalamualaikum wbt...

haha... firstly thanks kat eleeza coz invite msuk blog ni...

10/5/2010:daftar kat Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang(KMPh), smpai je byak giler keta nak msuk dlm tu... tpi yg bestnye,ade 2 jenis cara nak daftar, daftar manual & drivethru(lecturer ckp ni kolej 1st yg ade daftar scara drivethru).. keta punya r byak dlm tu, nsib baik aku dpt daftar drivethru je, jimat masa... hahaha.. x smpai 5 mnit da siap dftar...
aku ingat aku sorang je dak tgb msuk kat situ, sdih gak r... haha.. (ex tgb msuk matriks je?)
rupa-rupanya ade gak yg lain... hahaha.. nyu pun ade, ade la sorang classmate aku yg msuk matrik ni... ade lgi yg lain, teddy,matnor,amirul sidiq(507),paan(502),chong(faiz zaki),L(508),hafiz(518)...
eh, ade lgi ke? tu je kot, dak pempuan nmpak r 2 3 org..

perghh.. minggu orientasi kat sini ok la... pgi2 dah kena bgunr sblum kul 5 pgi, lewat kena denda...
tpi yg pling x dpt nak lupa, kne msuk dlm lumpur... bau lumpur tu mmg x leh tahan r, dah bcmpur dgn bau peluh.. hahahaha.. abis 1 badan kne lumpur, siap ade yg msuk dlm mulut...

tpi kat sini, nak mkan tu kne byar r.. kat maktab snang je, bratur je amik mkanan...
mmg terasa gak r, duit tu kejap je habis...

ape lgi ek aku nak tulis? mcm xde idea je...
haaa... yg ni antara pling best!
kat dlm kolej ni ade wifi dlm sluruh kwasan kolej 24 jam even kat blok asrama pun.. boleh surf ape2 pun, just xleh download(berdasarkan ape yg abang tm tu ckp)..
rse mcm nak bwak je laptop ni, tpi bimbang lak kalau2 nti xleh nak concentrate study lak.. tpi nti bwak gak kot sebab ade lecturer tu ckp ade assignment tu kne hntar pkai portal... pastu lecturer pun ade ckp, note2 & cntoh soalan ade kat dlm portal... pmblajaran scara e-learning...

tu je kot aku boleh tulis, sebab xde idea.. haha..
insyaallah nti aku tulis lgi...
gudluck untuk korang yg bkal msuk u nti & yg akan fly nti.. study betul2...

kad matrik sementara

kWn Yg xIgT kWn

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1 comments
kwn yg xigt kwn????
sape tuh???

kte la tuh....
mmg kejam gler r kte nih..

story pn brmula....

pg nih dayah call kte 5 kali..
nih byk kali coz asik terputus2 mser ckp...
1st call 9 min 55 saat
2nd-6 min 57 secs
3rd-29 min 43 saat
4th-5 min 30 secs
last-5 min 55 saat

ktorg xde la ckp byk sgt...
bual2 psl u plus gosip2 cikit..haha
kte nih agak pelik gak nape dayah leh call pg2 nih...
n lme la jugak...
(leh d kre lame la...salu dye call kjap je)

mse kali ke-4 call, br la kte tnye

nape arini dayah call lme sgt???
ade byk kredit ea???

dayah juz ketawa jer...
dye kata free...

lme2, br la kt trfkr...
laa, arini ari jd dayah ker????
kte terus g amik kertas biodata yg dye isi mse taun lps...
tup2 tgok besday: 11 MEI 1992

malu gler....
nmpk sgt la kt nih mmg xprihatin...
kata jer rapat...
tp besday kwn sndiri pn xigt...
ape pnyer jnis kwn la kt nih kn....
tp mayb slh 1 faktor kt xigt coz dayah xde fb...
salunyer kat fb ade tulis spe pnyer besday arini...

so, utk menebus kslhn kt nih..
kt amik peluang nih tuk wish dayah kat cini
even kt taw dayah mmg xbukak la kot blog nih...

~smoge pnjg umur, murah rzeki
berjaya n bhgia dunia akhirat...........
~ssssaaaaayyyaaanggg daaayyyaaahhhhh~~~~~


Monday, May 10, 2010 3 comments
mcm syOk gak ennn mencapap kt blOg kelas.. x de mnde aku nk stOry especially psl aku.. klu nk tau ape2 meyh r singgah kt blOg aku.. mcm2 cerita aku tulis.. mmg story2 yg terhangat di pasaran r... hoho.. neyh haa url dye (klu bg cOmment, lg aku sygg.. haha)

haaa.. aku nk jempOt shbt handai aku member2 kelas 506 yg jauh malah yg dekat(mksdnye yg dOk area kl or bkn), mai dtg ke thanksgiving feast (ceyhh.. bru tau knduri kesyukuran in english lps lyn sarikata citer 'adamaya' ptg td.. hehe) marilah member2 dtg bkt jalil.. alang2 nk g tgk piala thomas kt stadium nuuhhh or sesape yg smgt nk p prom night kt palace of golden horses tuh, mai singgah umah sat, kita dOk wat pahala.. :)

venue: tmn puncak jalil (puj 8/2)
date : 15/5 (saturday)
time : 4.00 pm (insya-Allah.. klu jnji melayu lebih kurg after asar..)

*any other details, u can text me or just drOp a message on my wall at fb..

506 rawk yaw!!!

p/s : ada larh sorg hamba Allah neyyh kalut dOk swo aku update blog Five.Zero.Six neyyhh.. so, ini larh hasilnya.. chief admin, jgn marah yerk hmba capub sikt disini.. :)

rEsuLt uPu~~


ermm, d sebabkn xde wat pape kat umah nih
n naseb blog klas 506 nih dh mcm x terbela,
so kte juz nk testing2 tulis jep..hehe
lgpn nih 1st tyme nk tulis2 blog...
hehe...excited pn ade nk tulis nih....
sowi yer klau de pape wat salah..

sy budak br blaja,
klau salah tlg tunjukkn...

9 hari yg lalu (1/5/10), cam smua owg taw yg result upu dh kuar...
so, kte yg baek hati + pnyibuk nih tlg cek kn result smua
klazmet ku yg tercenta..
(haha...perasan jep nih....)

hmm, msti ade spe2 yg curious cmne kt taw korg pnye no ic kn???
yg tuh secret krajaan...hahahaahah

ok la, dh xnk bebel pnjg da...

nabil >>asasi tesl (uitm)
iman >>asasi kejuruteraan (uitm)
cerah >>asasi kejuruteraan (uitm)
zarif >>dplm mikriobiologi (uitm)
shaqil >>dplm analisis pelaburan (uitm)
nyu >>dplm pengajian perniagaan (uitm)
haziq >>asasi sn hayat (um)
sarip >>asasi sn hayat (um)
mil >>asasi kejuruteraan pertahanan (upnm)
baaqiy >>dplm rekabentuk perindustrian (udm)
alubah >>dplm kejuruteraan elektrik(mekatronik) (utm)
arip >>dplm kejuruteraan teknikal (aeronautik) (utm)

nadz >>asasi sn (uitm)
atiqah >>asasi sn (uitm)
raja >>dplm teknologi makanan (uitm)
meyra >>asasi sn hayat (unimas)
dayah >>asasi sn hayat (uiam)
fafa >>asasi sn kesihatan bersekutu (uiam)
mira fathiah >>asasi sn fzkl (um)
raidah >>asasi sn fzkl (um)
eleeza >>asasi sn hayat (um)

nik, zaty n fina prmohonan dorg xberjaya...
erm, klau korg bce blog nih, jgn cedih2 taw...
rezeki ade kat mne2..
bkn stakat kat u tuh jer...

haa, br igt arini nik n zarif masuk matrik..
nik dpt matrik tgkak..
zarip lak masuk matrik phg..
xsempat nk ByE2 kat dorg..
so kte ByE2 kat cini jep la ea...hehe...=)

erm, yg laen2 xtaw la ape cter...
so, spe2 yg lg taw, bgtaw2 la yer...
nk taw gak prkembangan dak2 klas 6...

erm, lg 1...
klau ade spe2 perasan ....
lg sorg nme x dsebut...
perasan x nih???

ermm,lg sorg tu opel...
kte br cek td jap dye pnyer sbb br jmpe no ic dye...
ble kt masuk kn ic dye yg kuar


ape mksud nyer nih???
opel x apply ea??

erm, mgkn haziq atau dak2 laki laen lbh taw...

ni juz reult upu n xsmestinye dorg masuk sini kn...
mayb ade yg dpt scholar nnt or fly g mne2...

ape2pn, wish u all d bez to all my x-klazmets...
hopefully korg berjaya walau kat mne pn korg pergi...
n jgn lupe...........