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hapy bufdae ketua toyol aka zaty..hak2

new number, new number :)

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korang, bila2 korang baca post ni, please send me ur numbers ok,

017 3144372 :)
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11th July, 2010, Outstanding Weekend

When I was still in secondary school the most important thing for me seemed to be going out with my friends. Now, it seems I have other commitments to do on every weekends since I am a university student right now. During weekdays, I would spend most of my time attending classes. As early as 6.30, I will wake up as my alarm knocked the door of my sleeping time loudly with the alarm tone that I set. After putting up my attire and books, I will straight away go to the faculty either on a bus or a motorcycle and go back to college at 6.00 p.m. As I had classes all the week, the only time I could spend to clean up my room was during the weekends. On Saturday afternoon I would bundle up all my dirty clothes and washed them all with my bare hands instead of using washing machine or sending them to laundry which is very costly. I can save up my money as I do not have sufficient budget to be spend on my laundry. I prefer to spend my money on foods, assignments and transportation rather than ‘wasting’ my money on washing clothes. This is a challenge for me as now I am depending on government allowance which is only RM 1250 per semester since I do not rely on my parents’ financial support anymore. Apart from that, I would mop the floor in my room to clean up dirt and dust. Life was one big around of playing and enjoying. Growing up has changed things a bit the schedule of my life. However, I am enjoying my present life as a student and a growing teenager.

23rd, July, 2010 The Final Agenda

College Study Skill Final Project was definitely a mission that my friends and I were working on for our CSS course under TESL syllabus. The project carries 50% for CSS grade. So, evacuating it is a vital matter as it produces half mark for CSS final grade. We did a lot of discussions and meetings in order to make the project as perfect as we could and yes indeed we managed to conduct the project correctly according to plan. Praised to God we did our part well as students on planning and withdraw the output of our discussions on the project. For our task, we chose to go to spend a day on teaching English in a kindergarten. As I was one of the group members, I felt proud when Miss Azzy told us that we were the first group to execute our CSS project. All of our hardships and efforts were sensible when we reached the satisfaction of doing the task. We arrived at the kindergarten at the crack of the dawn as the project was started at 8 a.m. We had some activities with 5 year-old children such as origami, musical balloo and word-bee. Personally, I enjoyed myself there and I saw my teammates were happy in doing it too. The challenge on teaching the children was to make them follow our instructions to participate with our activities because as kids they were full of energy and active. Overall, it gave us such a great memory together on doing the project.

6th, August, 2010 AUDI-Vorsprung durch Technik
The Audi Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of premium cars. The Audi brand aims to satisfy customers' demands for pioneering innovations as promised by the "Vorsprung durch Technik" claim, which means “Advancement Through Technology” and to demonstrate the brand values of sportiveness, sophistication and progressiveness. Honestly, I a big a fan of AUDI. It must be confusing why suddenly I write about AUDI right? The truth is AUDI is my favorite brand of car, and yes indeed I went to AUDI headquarters in Gleanmarie on this date. I went there for the ICT Survey project of Computer Literacy (CL) course. It was a big challenge for me as at the first time I did not know which place I would like to go for my ICT survey project. After all ideas and discussions with my group members, we decided to go to AUDI’s Centre. It was a golden opportunity for me as an AUDI’s fan. I took a picture with the latest AUDI R8 which cost about RM 1.4 million! Wow, the body kit and V10 as its engine is definitely prove the arts of AUDI engineering. I was so happy to go there after all hardships on making my way to that place. A proposal was sent and it approved by the dean, after gone that process only then I managed to go there for the ICT Survey under CL project.