Tuesday, October 12, 2010

salam!! hye guys!!
very3333 miss all of you..:)
Alhamdulillah,the exam is over..haha..but not for today..
because here will be the next STD 3 at the early of november and
the final exam at the end of the november..
but i feel sad because i can't answer the questions nicely..:'(
why krebs cycle?i can't recall the details of the process..i only can recall about the product and the process..
that's show i can't go back home during this coming holiday..
anyone who can give tips how to remember the structure of the krebs,glycolisis, and structure of proteins,lipids n etc..
here,3 days per week is english day..
this program is suggested by our class pres,Larry..we have to talk in english for the whole class along the day..and every words that we said in malay,we have to pay 10 cent as the penalty..
at first it is difficult to me to follow..but now i still learn step by step how to speak in english without feel shame and with confidency..i hope you guys can help me either in writing or speaking..rojak sket2 hehe..blh ya..and one ques, how to say, " saya tersilap meletakkan sesuatau perkara/sy tertinggal sesuatu " yang ada perkataan "mis__________"...anyway,thanks for reading this..hope to hear from you guys soon..
take care..remember Allah!!happy study!!salam..


{ Haziq Ghafar } at: October 12, 2010 at 7:23 PM said...

fafa, it's "misplace" my dear.

it's good to know that you're practicing to speak English there. I know the feeling, to speak English like ALL THE TIME. You know what, I have to speak English all the time as I surrounded by people who speak English a lot. Just 'sometimes' I speak Malay, as in 'rojak', not always in full Malay language. So, good luck then. :D

{ methylene blue solution } at: October 15, 2010 at 4:45 PM said...

owh..hehe..thanks..btw, can we combine "mis" and another word?is there any rules for that?
owh ya..so haziq will become superb in english..thus you have to correct my english..haha..k,pray for our success..together we strive for infinite excellent..insyAllah..happy study!!

{ Haziq Ghafar } at: October 15, 2010 at 8:16 PM said...

fafa, i don't know about the combination of mis and the other words. maybe it can be one, just refer to the dictionary la. its easier.

haha, i'm not superb in english, just i'm practically using english all the time because of this A-Level thingy. Ask Roy for better explaination bout ur question, maybe he knows better. well, he's taking TESL ryte? HAHA.

Okay, happy study too.

{ roy basyar } at: October 20, 2010 at 9:45 PM said...

here it goes :
the prime factor of learning English is CONFIDENCE..without being confident we will not be able to possess the correct way to 'earn' English, be it either SPEAKING, READING, GRAMMAR, AND WRITING..We are non-native speakers, so it's hard for us to learn English as it's not our original language..ya, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT...so juz speak in English (even to yourself)..it will help you a lot..

p/s : if u guys have any questions regarding English Language, you can reach me anytime..it'l be an honor for me to lend my hands to my dearest classmates.

{ methylene blue solution } at: November 26, 2010 at 10:44 AM said...

k,thanks,friends..insyAllah i'll try my best..aja2 fighting!!:))may Allah always bless all of you..Amin..