SEM Holiday!!

Friday, November 26, 2010 3 comments

how are you friends?
really hope you are always fine there..:))
hmm..i'm at home right now..i reached home around 9 a.m from alor star..
my sem holiday is about a month..but we have to do our research along this depends on the research too..hope we can finish it in two weeks only..
we will do our research at FRIM Kepong..
now i'm one of the fan of koreans drama!!!i can't believe it!!haha..because i always teasing my sis and friends who watching those drama and at last i'm teasing myself too..hoho..but i only watched the b.o.f..really3 sweet!!ji hoo sunbae and jun pyo..haha..last but not least the sweetie jan di and ga eul..and from this drama i realize that person who suffer autism has their own conclusion,
there's always a "hikmah" on all what we have go through in our life..:))
insyAllah i will move to melaka at the end of!!
i'm very excited to move there..the reasons is i enjoyed the Melaka Central..haha...because it's very a condusive bus station that i've went..
besides,i can visit our college..:)) really miss all of you and the teachers..:))
ha...and i can meet izaty also..:))(who else staying at melaka other than izaty?)
and i can "beraya" at your home..haha..
k,i should pen off now..if possible,i hope to hear current news from all of you..
may allah always protect and bless all of us..InsyAllah..syukran jazilan for reading this..:)) maah salamah wa ilalliqa'..

"Mereka hendak memadamkan cahaya (agama) Allah dengan mulut(ucapan-ucapan) mereka,
tetapi Allah menolaknya,malah berkehendak menyempurnakan cahaya-Nya,walaupun orang-
orang kafir itu tidak menyukai" (Surah At-Taubah Ayat 32)

p/s: lecturer2/mastermind english,help me by checking my grammar..tq!!

Roy's 2nd SEM (unusual topic to write)

hey guys, it's me again....

Various writers have failed to explain the term 'duty'. Some have defined it as the moral or legal obligation, while others say that it is the expression of respect for superior. It is something expected from all despite obstacles as Emerson puts
"so high is grandeur to our dust, so near is good to man, when duty whispers low, thou must, the youth replies, i can".

As a student, i have my own duties such as my duty to my parents, brothers, lecturers and friends. Duty to my parents is the most important.

Enough talking about parents, this time, i want to write about our duty as teenagers who tend to have the desire to be with someone else in our life besides our parents, in this case, our life-mate a.k.a our lover.

In early China, filial attachment was respected and cherished by the people. As a result, the younger generation seldom went againts their parents' wishes, not even in marriage. They had to marry the person of their womenfolk were even in worse plight. They were not allowed out on the street or country side but were all the time confined to their rooms sewing whether they liked it or not.

Even in the wild lands of early Mongolia, duty was prevalent. A love story ended in tragedy because of duty. Duty as heir and successor to the throne, duty to his country, people and aged father, deterred a woman from following her lover to his homeland to be married. On the onther hand, duty to his aged mother and younger brothers and sisters prevented the man from staying behind to marry the girl.

From all these, it can be seen that duty to be with someone we love is considered by most of us to play an important part in our lives nowadays. Being in a relationship is not about 'he' or 'she' but it's about 'us' that matters the most. Be in 'it' if you sure that you are strong enough, and yet leave 'it' if are not about who you are yet. We are still young and we do have a long journey ahead. Our life is very subjective, we will never have the most accurate answer for all the things that happened around us. Keep striving to be the best in order for you to have the best. And when you are lost, ask HIM, HE knows what's the best for us.

Dont stop believing, because Allah will grant your hope when you have it and when you always pray for it, unless you lose it, you will never own what you desire the most.

"If you really love someone, let her go, if she comes back, she will be yours forever."

Well, that's all for now, bye..



Friday, November 19, 2010 8 comments
Just a reminder : korg igt tak patung2 yang masing2 dapat time party class malam tuh yang
sampai 'lewat malam' (sampai kene hambat ngan ustaz azizul) haha.... aku just harap masing2 simpan leklok coz nnt bile ader reunion those dolls will be like the 'tickets' for us to meet each
other, kalo HILANG tak tau r nak cakap apa kan...k that's all =)

may all of us will always be connected and keep striving for infinite excellence =)


Saturday, November 6, 2010 8 comments
haiyOO. bosan tahap melampau memaksa aku menambah lg satu entri baru dalam blOg

mmg tidak dpt disangkal lg, disebabkan aku suka mengambil dan diambil gmbr, hasilnya aku ad banyak koleksi gmbr. jd, hasilnya aku jmpa larhh koleksi gmbr2 klasmet 506. haha. muka sumer baik2. (mcm nk mnta penampOr pon ad jugak) haha. malas nk cerita panjang berjela, usha je larhh. (jgn lupa bg komen. haha. klik pada gmbr utk kesan yang lebih jelas.)

p/s : aku buat secara randOm je okayhh. :D sekadar mengisi masa lapang.

p/s : doakan aku ad kerajinan lg nk edit gmbr.(sesungguhnya, mmg berlambak gmbr dlm folder) nnt leyh kita tatap gmbr2 lama sesama kt blog neyhh. yihaaaa!!

p/s : cpt undi, korg plg rndu dkt sapa once u see all of this pic. :D start voting peeps!

it's good to be HOME :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 4 comments

haii, my beloved friends :D

ape khabar? lama x dgr cerita. blog neyh pon, jarang2 aku buka. al-maklumlah, bz jer keje. (haha. bohong ar asyk bz smpai x smpat nk online enn. aku just mls nk buka blog. fb mmg 24/7 aku on.)

x da bnda nk story sbnrnya. cuma nk bgtau,

"i'm in peninsular for 1 month!"

:D hoyeahhh! harap, dlm masa sebulan neyhh, leyh r lepak2 dgn korg yg kt smnnjung neyh. hehe. x silap aku, korg sume mmg kebanyakan ad kt kl n area2 selatan enn. so, it's my turn to 'meronggeng' melawat korg. p/s : well, sape2 yg free, jom larh teman beta jln2 g melawat member2 yg busy. :D sy dh lupa jln kt kl larhh. haha )

anyway, All da best in everything u dO. my pray always be with yOu to success in any path u decided to live with. :D

jom blaja bhs saghawak:

kamik dh madah kamik syg kitak org. mun kitak org syg kamik jugak, klaka r sama kamik. boh malu-malu dgn kamik. hahaha:D