My FRieNdS!!

Friday, February 4, 2011 31 comments
korang!!my beloved frenz!!!
den Alhamdulillah,sihat..
may Allah always bless all of you!!..
korang mesti cuti,kan2!!
jom kuar!! sume duk sini je...
weh,nak tanya korang dulu main go kart berapa ringgit kena bayar?
nak main tp nak survey dulu..nak kira bajet dulu..:)))
tempat tu dekat dpn zoo melaka ke?
sy dh try google tp x jumpa r google tu version lama kot..
insyAllah next week ada junior masuk!!n...kita x sekolah hari tu..:))
sehari je la..kita jd ajk jualan..jual2..jual roti sosej,rojak buah,kerepek n air kordial..
kitaorg tgh struggle kot nak cari duit utk wat graduasi kat hotel..huhu..
tp seriously, i really miss our dinner at DSB..great scenery by the students themselves..
haritu kat kolej ada wat malam akustika..sume lagu org putih..just a few of malay songs..haiya...den x paham pun..nasib baik ada lirik..hoho..
but one of my classmate,from sabahan is a good singer..he can sing the song greatly.. he also can sing afgan's song which is "PadaMu ku bersujud"..his voice looks like a real singer..
hmm...insyAllah in march,we will have a mock "nervousness" will come soon..(btl ke "word" ni??):))
pray for me..
recently, i joined a poem competition..whoaa...what make me twist my thinking to read the poem?? you know i've never ever join any poem competition..huhu..its really a nightmare for the audiences and the judges..haha..but i still want to try it..doesn't bother about others,my classmates gave me a support...
so,tara!!here i come!!i took out my specs to reduce my fright stage..
tp pelik..kenapa sy slalu bersemangat sebelum nak naik stage or speak in front of those people,but when it's my turn,i will shaking n shivering..huhu..
who have any tips?i've tried a few tips but the feeling can't be terminated permanently..i'm quite jealous with others that can perform their speech or presentation smoothly without shivering or shaking or etc..
btw,there will be a science exhibition just around the corner..
this semester is quite busy and tougher than before..i hope that i can overcome the circumstances by being stronger and full of enthusiasm..Amin..
hope all of you will be the same..tougher and enthusiasm in everything you are doing..(btl x ayat ni??cam translate dari bm je..huhu..)
last but not least,hope to hear from you soon..take care!!all the best!!
remember Allah!!and love all of you..

p/s: mari kita doakan keselamatan warga malaysia di mesir especially kawan2 kita yg berada di sana..x lupa buat semua penduduk Islam di seluruh dunia..insyAllah...)