Tuesday, April 5, 2011
hye guys!!
hope you're in good condition..or else in good healthy..
may Allah always bless us..
hmm..how about your study?
i heard a few of us have finished their foundation..
i'm sure it's a relief for you..and quite nervous to know the result right??
but here,i'm quite "stress" too..because as you know sem 2 is quite tough!!the exact word,really tough!!huaa..
getting 70/80 marks is a hard thing for me..:'(
it's not like sem 1..but insyAllah i'll continue study,study,and study till the end..
:) pray for us!!
one word for me, myself and others, never give up!!effort and "doa"!!and "bersangka baik" to Allah!!
how many times you fall before, get up again and keep on walking!!
this is our challenges!!

"Tetapi hanya Allahlah pelindungmu, dan Dia penolong yang terbaik"
Surah Al- Imran-Ayat 69

recently, we are surprised by the tsunami that happened in Japan.
a few years ago, Acheh also suffered from this tragedy..and early 2011, New zealand also endured the same phenomenon..surely thousands and maybe billions people are died in those tragedy..
the question is why??
is this as a natural disasters that will happen in few years?
if we think deeply, it is a reminder for us from The Al-Mighty!!
1. This world is too old..
2. Much social issue happened ( increasing of baby dumping, sex before married )..
3. The Judgement Day will come soon ( only HIM will know the exact time )
So, i want to remember myself and my beloved friends, we have to back to the basic..which is Qoran and Sunnah..
Sometimes we forget what is our aims to be here..in this world..
as a Muslim..as a Muslimah..
we always think about our life and enjoyed it beyond the limits without we realized it..
I admit, as a teenagers there are much things that we want to try..and we engrossed it..what Quran said, we take a half and ignored the others..for example, we pray five times per day,we fasting in Ramadhan..but when Quran stated that we( Muslim and Muslimah) should cover our aurah, we ignored it..

"Dan katakanlah kepada para perempuan yg beriman, agar mereka menjaga pandangannya, dan memelihara kemaluannya, dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya(auratnya), kecuali yg biasa terlihat. Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kerudungnya(tudung) ke dadanya dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya(auratnya) ......."
surah An-Nur-ayat 31

"Katakanlah kepada lelaki yg beriman, agar mereka menjaga pandangannya dan memelihara kemaluannya; yg demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka. Sungguh, Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang mereka perbuat."
Surah An- Nur -ayat 30

yes!!we want to change ourself to a be a better muslim or muslimah but there are some "back speech" that will make me down...for eg. "macam la selama ni baik sgt.." @ " ye la,aku je yg jahat,kau kan baik".. and etc...

remember a thing!! when we want to change to be good person, there will be an obstacles that actually as a test for us whether we are really want to change to be a good person or it just a word..yes, in this life Allah create each things paired..
men and women, or more exact, wife and husband..:)) day and night.. good and bad..
so don't ever feel give up when the surrounding or people among you are laughed or make you feel down to make a change..
just give it to Allah..and show your effort..we can start "sikit-sikit" compared to "berubah secara mendadak"..

" Dan Allah menerima taubatmu, sedang org2 yg mengikuti keinginannya menghendaki kamu berpaling sejauh-jauhnya dari kebenaran"
surah An-Nisa-ayat 27

the important thing is our effort..
and don't let..

" Kami jadikan hati mereka tertutup dan telinga mereka tersumbat, agar mereka tidak dapat memahaminya.Dan apabila engkau menyebut Tuhanmu saja dalam A-Quran, mereka berpaling ke belakang melarikan diri(kerana benci)."
surah Al-Isra'-ayat 46

because once "hidayah" comes to us, we are not sure whether it will come again or just leave us without any reminder..we have to find it and not just waiting for it..
and "Islam itu suka kesederhanaan"..
we can do anything that we want, but make sure it is not beyond Islam limits..
just a share and a reminder for me and my beloved friends..

remember each other,k!!

remember Allah and our prophet s.a.w!!and love ourself!!

maah salamah wa ilalliqa'..


{ hacker5557 } at: April 10, 2011 at 10:51 PM said...
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{ Zarr Rave Hazmy } at: April 21, 2011 at 6:41 AM said...

wah... bgus2!!!
tzkirah yg amat mnrik tuk dbaca... =)

{ nurhidayah } at: April 24, 2011 at 10:02 AM said...

salam,fafa:)its nice to have tazkirah session here.i also learn lots with my usrah group with the sisters i told you before, remember???:)indeed, there are so many things i just realized that i need to change,insyaAllah, im into it.the very last thing we discussed was about the "mujahadah itu pahit because the Heaven is so sweet"im sure you know this right,,,i'll share this to you ,insyaAllah when we have the chance to meet again after the foundation programme ends ok:)fafa,do well in your exams,,lets us together pray for our success..iA,amin:)good luck!!!


{ methylene blue solution } at: April 24, 2011 at 9:18 PM said...

zarif, thanks..:) klu salah, tlg btlkan..:))
As salam,dayah.. thanks..:) klu salah, tlg betulkan ya..
kawan2, saling ingat-mengingati yg paling dekat adalah diri ini yang menulis..may Allah bless us!!Amin..