Friday, June 10, 2011 6 comments
mari kembali ke masa silam :D

okayh. ini gambar waktu sekolah. itu pon, kalu korg lupa larhh (kalau YA korang lupa, memang nak kena ketuk kepala lahkannn. haha) rasa macam semalam baru ambil gambar neyhh. hahahaha
but guys.. have you noticed, actually it was almost 2 years since the photo
is taken. whoooaa! :D i bet all of us have grown up and becoming charming and pretty lads and gents. hahaha. now, everyone is another step further to grab their
own dreams. so, all the best, pals!

one of my gOal : becomes a pro-racer *joking! :D

looking forward to see and get to know my friends updates, yaww!

till then,

take a walk.join me? haha.

p/s: tema kali ini adalah biru. *random and coincidence.